Savage Gear 3D Roach Jerkster 115mm 39g 02-Rudd

  • Brand: Savage Gear
  • Product Code: SG3DRJ
  • Articul: 62227
  • Availability: In Stock
330.00 грн

Tags: Воблер, Savage, Gear, 3D, Roach, Jerkster, 11, 5 cm, 115 mm, #02-Rudd, саваж, гир, жир, , роач, плотва, джеркстер, тонучий, sinking, джерк, джеркінг, джеркинг, кастінг, jerk, jerking, casting

11,5 cm, 39 g, slow sinking, depth: 0,5-1,5 m

• 3D Scanned details
• Adjustable sink rate and sound
• Great side flashing action
• Spare plug and ball kit supplied with lure
• From ultra-shallow to medium sink rate
• Doubled tail split rings

Все характеристики
size (mm) 115
weight (g) 39
type slow sinking
depth (m) 0,5-1,5
color #02-Rudd
effects rattle
brand country Denmark
producing country China

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