• Mikado Stinger HDJ01-6-24 - 1 pc.

Mikado Stinger HDJ01-6-24 - 1 pc.

  • Brand: Mikado
  • Product Code: HDJ01-6-24
  • Articul: 593904
  • Availability: In Stock
81.00 грн

Tags: Оснастка, Mikado, Stinger, HDJ01-6-24, -1 шт., Микадо, Стингер, нержавіюча сталь, stainless steel, нержавейка, нержавеющая, сталь

size: 4+6 cm, test: 24 kg, hooks: #1/0, material: stainless steel, package: 1 pc.

It is by far the biggest stinger offered by Mikado. Spiral system dedicated to rig the Big Game type lures. Except for the "screw" the stinger is fitted to the lure with metal pins that pierce through the body of the bait. That allows to maximize quality of the lure action and extend its lifespan. After the strike metal pins slide out of the lure so that it can loosely swing outside the vicious jaws of the predator. Such a solution gathered a significant group of supporters across the pike fisheries in Europe. Lure rigged that way can be additionally fitted with cheburashka jig head to penetrate any level of the water. System designed for any angler following the Big Game - Big Prey rule.

Все характеристики
amount in package 1
material stainless steel
size (mm) 40+60
brand country Poland
producing country Poland
additionally hooks: #1/0

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