• Balzer Shirasu Clone Shad 18 cm #Bloody Minnow

Balzer Shirasu Clone Shad 18 cm #Bloody Minnow

  • Brand: Balzer
  • Product Code: BSCS18
  • Articul: 136770518
  • Availability: In Stock
105.00 грн

Tags: Віброхвост, виброхвост, Balzer, Shirasu, Clone, Shad, 18 cm, 180 mm, Bloody Minnow, бальзер. балзер, ширасу, шірасу, клон, шад, шед, силикон, силікон

18 cm, 42 g, package (bulk): 1 pc. 

The Shirasu Clone Shad by Balzer - The Shad from another dimension! The shapes for this stunning rubber fish were made using the latest technology, 3D printers. As a template, a 3D scan of real bait fish was used and this scan was transferred to the bait using 3D Real Photo Print Design. In addition, they are UV-active, so that the robbers have no chance to resist. In order to complete the illusion of a real bait fish, the running behavior has been worked out so long that it also looks very realistic. Balzer has once again put a lot of time into the development of this bait and comes with an amazingly natural rubber fish. Nothing should stand in the way of the new record fish.

Все характеристики
amount in package 1 pc. (bulk)
size (mm) 180
weight (g) 42
color #Bloody Minnow
brand country Germany
additionally not equipped

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