• Balzer Shirasu Pike Dancer 220 mm #Melon

Balzer Shirasu Pike Dancer 220 mm #Melon

  • Brand: Balzer
  • Product Code: BSPD22
  • Articul: 16128080
  • Availability: In Stock
310.00 грн

Tags: Воблер, джеркбейт, jerkbait, Balzer, Shirasu, Pike, Dancer, 220 mm, 80 см, 220 мм, #Melon, Бальзер, балзер, ширасу, пайк, дансер, щука, джерк, твистер, уловистая, приманка

22 cm (with tail), 80 g, suspending, hooks: Mustad, rattling

A tail bait is basically a jerkbait with a twister tail. He can be jerked, twitched or simply caught up. The Balzer Shirasu Tail Bait Pike Dancer is suspending, i. he sinks very slowly. Of course this has considerable advantages: it can be fished slowly with catch-up stops and it stays longer at the hot spots. He plays his strengths especially when jerking and twitching when he breaks out sideways. All models are UV active! Delivery with 2 spare tails! The 15 cm version has only one treble.

Все характеристики
size (mm) 120+110 (tail)
weight (g) 80
type suspending
color #Melon
effects rattling
brand country Germany
additionally hooks: Mustad, 2 tails added

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