• DAM Effzett Natural Perch Paddle Tail 140 mm #Perch

DAM Effzett Natural Perch Paddle Tail 140 mm #Perch

  • Brand: DAM
  • Product Code: DNPPT14
  • Articul: 60200
  • Availability: In Stock
239.00 грн

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14 cm, 47 g, slow sinking, depth: 1-4 m, package: 1 pc. 

The EFFZETT Natural Perch Paddle Tail is the follow up on the very well received Natural Perch. The intense action of the paddle tail adds a nice rolling action to the body of the perch. The photo printed colors are looking so extremely realistic that you might have to take a closer look to tell the difference between a natural perch and the EFFZETT Natural Perch. The natural colors and the extremely realistic body profile will make it impossible to resist, even for the cleverest predators.

Lures Effzett Natural Perch Paddle Tail:

• Extremely realistic photo printed colors
• Body profile inspired by nature
• Medium sink rate
• Aggressive tail action
• Rolling body action
• Ultra-sharp EFFZETT treble

Все характеристики
amount in package 1 pc.
size (mm) 140
weight (g) 47
type slow sinking
depth (m) 1-4
color #Perch
brand country Germany
producing country China
additionally equipped

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