• DAM Effzett Eisvogel 110 mm #Firetiger

DAM Effzett Eisvogel 110 mm #Firetiger

  • Brand: DAM
  • Product Code: DAMEV11
  • Articul: 60164
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299.00 грн

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11 cm, 28 g, floating, depth; 0-1,2 m, rattling

The kingfisher disguises its predatory capabilities by its beauty, but under the surface is another creature waiting. The pike is an opportunist that is known to attack all animals that are smaller than itself. The Effzett Eisvogel proves that even a beauty like this can be devoured by a beast lurking under the surface. The Effzett Eisvogel is a true piece of art. The lure has a great erratic walk and has proven to be extremely effective in triggering explosive strikes, but it is all about the feeling. “The reason why we created this lure, was because we wanted to create something the world has never seen before and give it a beautiful and artistic look. It’s an innovative, functional piece of art that tells a story of fishing with something different, beautiful and ultra effective” Product Manager Max Mirederer at EFFZETT explains.

• Perfect imitation of a kingfisher!
• Integreated rattles for extra attraction
• Ultra-sharp EFFZETT trebles
• Effective erratic action
• Wide profile
• Floating

Все характеристики
size (mm) 110
weight (g) 28
type floating
depth (m) 0-1,2
color #Firetiger
effects rattling
brand country Germany
producing country China

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