• Hi-Seas Grand Slam Aluminum Sleeves 0,8 mm #J - 10 pcs.

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Aluminum Sleeves 0,8 mm #J - 10 pcs.

  • Brand: AFW/HI-SEAS
  • Product Code: GSH
  • Articul: 008001
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Tags: Hi-Seas, Grand, Slam, Aluminum, Sleeves, 0, 8 mm, #J, обжимні, трубочки, обжимные, плоские, пласкі, алюминий, хай-сіс, хай-сис, АФВ, США, USA

size: J, use with mono, fluorocarbon 50lLB, length: 7 mm, material: aluminun, pack.: 10 pcs. (bulk)

These Tournament Grade Sleeves are manufactured to exacting tolerances and are the crimp of choice for use with monofilament. Extruded from the perfect alloy so they will compress consistently without cracking, these sleeves are sized to match the diameter of Grand Slam Mono Leader. You can’t buy a better sleeve!

Все характеристики
amount in package 10 pcs. (bulk)
material aluminum
size (mm) #J (0,8 mm)
brand country USA
produced by HI-SEAS
additionally for mono- fluorocarbon 50Lb

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